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Dark Cut 3 IS OUT

2008-11-23 11:24:07 by pidgeonx

The long awaited sequel to some of my favorite games is finally out just felt like sharing it the originals aren't to bad either but the second one is much more advanced and the new dark cut 3 I was having doubts is basically like that wii game trauma center second opinion or be your own doctor.

My inner Circle Review And Audio Protectors Crew :D

2008-11-16 11:18:15 by pidgeonx

Considering how many crews there already are in the forums and how unorganized they are I decided to make a inner circle crew composed of anyone who looks here and likes to protect the portal and give helpful reviews then join my inner circle dedicated to secretly saving the portal 1 review and vote at a time.


Current Members


Im not sure if they still do but according to me the wolf gang lasse is a group of major spammers and there fore I am looking for recruits to help zero there flashes off the portal ty.


2008-11-01 13:24:21 by pidgeonx

well doing what im doing being a music purveyor anyone who actually reads this i have no comment but anyway check my music favorites I got some of the best on ng there.

Same post but I made audio

2008-10-14 16:17:51 by pidgeonx

Well yes anyone reading this I made some fairly bad audio if you ask me but had some intresting experimental effects to my opinion which was what i was attempting to achieve


2008-10-14 16:09:14 by pidgeonx

Well this is just my first news post so not much sorry I haven't been on in a while was busy with a couple of my own songs they still suck but they were interesting.